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I’m Gillian Nhem and I serve the hopeless romantics with a fun, heartfelt photography experience. I help to make a comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved one to be truly you, so that you get a memorable experience and photos you truly adore. I am all about having fun, and capturing the essence of love. I began exploring photography in high school, and I truly fell in love with it! As you probably are aware by now...I love coffee, getting to know new people, and hearing different love stories...because we are all different, and these moments are all special. So lets chat over a latte!

Determined to reach my potential in several aspects of my life.

Photo credit: Michelle Nhem Photographs

our daughter


My Husband


our pooch

Haley Goob

This spunky little girl means the world to us. her favorite things include: Haley Goob, Minnie Mouse, and babies. She love playing outside, and is goofy beyond belief. Taking her photo is a she is always on the move!

My handsome 2nd shooter and computer nerd extraordinaire husband is a hard worker, wonderful daddy to both his girls (haley goob included) and I couldn't appreciate him more. 

Oh wonderful rescue pooch! Haley is quite energetic for an 11 year old pup. she loves playing outside...but only if her people are out there too! Sweet as can be, but also likes to listen to herself talk! (Bark)

Places we'd love to

Kauai Hawaii
London England
Boulder Colorado
Paris, France

This is the short list! Tell us where you're going, it might be an adventure we'd love to join you on!

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We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if this stuff grew on trees?


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